Physical Education Rhythmics/Dance Unit Plan

For my EPE 300 class we were divided up into the different curriculum areas in different grades. I specifically was part of grade eleven’s rythimic/dance curriculum area.  In grade eleven the curriculum allots ten hours to rythmics/dance. Thus, I created in my unit plan a concept web that plans out what topics will be taught in the allotted ten hours.  I then broke down each of the lesson and made one page lesson plans for the first five lessons. Each of these lesson plan are complete with foundational and learning objectives, pre-requisite learning’s, safety, instructional strategies, skill focus, movement patterns, conceptual focus, a development, assessment and an adaptive dimension.

When it came to developing my unit plan I was able to begin thinking about planning past just a single lesson. I saw that there is a lot of planning involved in creating a physical education class. You need to think about what content is going to be in each grade to make sure that certain learning’s are not going to be repeated. Then within the units you want your lessons to progress to one another and then in an individual lesson the development should have a progression. Hence, it is important to be organized and to be able to plan to be a successful teacher. I am glad that I have seen the importance of the planning process before entering the teaching field because I have somewhere to start from that will help me be prepared.

Nonetheless, getting to the point of being able to plan a unit that corresponded with different grades and units was difficult for me at times. I found that it was hard to imagine how to work with the curriculum and organize it so that it would best fit the students since I am not making it for a specific school. But, I did see that in any school the classes are always going to be different from year to year and what I created was a template that will get me started. I then can always build off of this foundation and adapt to the needs of my students at that time.

Another challenge I had in all the different planning involved the fact that I have not actually been fully involved with teaching physical education using the curriculum. At times I felt that I didn’t have enough knowledge on the curriculum and became overwhelmed with making sure it was being used properly. However, I believe that it comes down to experience and practice and I know this because I was able to grow more comfortable. I was able to end the class with more confidence and understanding then what I had at the beginning.

Click on the following link to view my unit plan: Rythmics/Dance Unit Plan

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Relations and Linear Functions Lesson Plan

Through my education math class, I created a lesson plan for relations and linear equations. This lesson plan was to be two pages long with detailed notes, progressions and objectives. The hopes for this lesson are that I will be able to use it to teach with in my internship. Click on the following link to see my Lesson Plan.

Throughout my teaching experience, I have seen what it is like to teach with a lesson plan and what it is like to teach without one. Through my tutoring, I do not always know who is going to be coming for help that day and what they are going to be needing help with.  You are not always teaching the same student each day and cannot follow their progression. However, that is what is giving me experience as a teacher. You can plan all you want but something’s are not always going to go according to plan and you have to be ready to adapt to that. Thus, one of the things that tutoring has given me is the ability to work on the fly. At first, it was difficult but it is a learning experience that is only helping me grow.

At the same time, I have learnt that lesson plans can make things much easier. If you are prepared with what you want to teach and how you want to teach it, you will be able to deliver a more successful lesson. I have had dance classes that just were not going right but after some critical though and planning I was able to get across what I wanted much easier.   


It is important that a lesson plan be filled with the significant details and key points. As you can see from my math lesson, the key learning and thinking objectives are bolded, along with the pre-requisite knowledge, the adaptive dimensions and the assessment. In addition, each of them are identified within the development once they are achieved. This allows the teacher to see as a quick glance that what has planned is being covered and where they are to be covered. The detail of the lesson should be so that you could be able to give your lesson to anybody and they would feel prepared to teach the lesson and still be able to get across the same objectives that you had planned for.  The one downfall to such detailed lesson planning is time. It is not always easy to find time to plan a lesson for each of your classes every day. I think that if you take the time at the beginning and are very reflective about the lessons that you can use this process to develop into your own teaching style and may not need as much planning as time goes on.

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